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Lehigh Polymers

11a McFadden Road

Easton, PA 18045

Phone: (610) 438-5251

Fax: (610) 438-5254

Meet the Team

Understanding the details behind the scenes, Ginger excels at transforming incoming and outgoing materials into receiving reports and invoices. A bookkeeping guru, she instantly processes accounts with accuracy and zest.  Her positive attitude, extensive knowledge, and high standards make her essential to the function of the office.  With a long history in the accounting world, Ginger has honed her skills and is always prepared to go the extra mile for our customers.
Ginger Lewis
Office: (610) 438-5251
Fax: (610) 438-5254
Email: gingerlewis@lehighpolymers.com
Able to classify plastics through sight, smell and touch alone, Jose is a master of recycling.  A twenty year veteran of the plastic world, his tenacity and commitment to service are second to none.  His previous role as plant manager of a small plastic recycling firm prepared Jose for anything that the industry can throw his way.  From identifying value in supplier’s waste to creating custom blends for new customers, Jose embraces the challenge that a life in the plastic industry can provide.
Jose Maury
Purchasing / Sales
Office: (610) 438-5251
Cell: (610) 417-4228
Email: josemaury@lehighpolymers.com
Brad Armitage
Purchasing / Sales
Office: (610) 438-5251
Cell: (484) 903-8240
Email: bradarmitage@lehighpolymers.com
Born in England, Brad moved to America in 2008 where he married his college sweetheart.  After a brief stint in the recruiting industry, Brad settled into a sales and logistics role at another plastic recycler before moving on to Lehigh Polymers.  Believing customer service and the promise to follow through with one’s commitments are the key to good business, Brad will pursue all recycling options and match each customer’s needs with the perfect resin.

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