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Welcome to Lehigh Polymers

January 24, 2014

Lehigh Polymers opens for business!

Lehigh Polymers is a full service recycling company focused on designing programs to reclaim value from industrial scrap.  We primarily purchase plastic scrap, but also offer cardboard, paper and metal recycling in order to service our clients. 

At Lehigh Polymers, our mission is to satisfy every supplier and impress every customer.  We will work with you to responsibly dispose of your plastics scrap, identify value in your waste, and maximize your recycling potential. Molders can rely on Lehigh Polymers to save them money and provide a top quality alternative to virgin resin.

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What We Offer

  • Buy plastic scrap

  • Sell recycled resin

  • Waste stream management

  • Dropped trailers

  • Expedited shipping

  • Prompt payment

Lehigh Polymers * 11a McFadden Road Easton PA 18045 * Phone: (610) 438-5251 * Fax: (610) 438-5254

Available Now!

PP Black Repro

40,000 lbs

FOB Easton, PA

For more pictures, information and a complete listing of available materials contact Lehigh Polymers today!